Thursday, June 7, 2018

How to Make Sure You Like Your Next ESL job?

A ten-day vacation is not enough for those of us infected with wanderlust. Many people wish to live abroad for six months of more.  Personally, I researched many ways to life abroad. I found about teaching English as a foreign language. One issue I had was finding reviews about various schools and training schools that taught English. A useful resource is the various social media applications and websites that can inform a potential expat about pitfalls and scams.
Many English language schools have reviews posted on sites such as This website has reviews from actual current and former employees. I was offered a job at a school very quickly and I became suspicious. The school had mostly negative reviews. Details included receiving low pay and lack of support with accommodation. Eventually I decided to work in China.
I used a recruiting agency that had pretty good reviews on the website . My first job was at a training school or cram school as they are called in many East Asian countries. There were no hidden hours; I was also paid on time. The downside was I had to do make-up classes for holidays; and sometimes I was not told about new classes in advance. This is quite common at many training schools in China. I decided I wanted a bit more time off. WeChat was very useful to find my next job.
WeChat is a popular social media application that can be downloaded on your mobile phone. WeChat is similar to Facebook; users create a profile, message other users, and join groups WeChat is how I found my second job. A foreigner, like myself, posted a job for a well renowned private school in my current city. I could get less biased and honest answers about the school.  Similar mobile social media is kakaotalk in South Korea and Other users will have to send you an invite to join WeChat groups. You can find users that can add you to WeChat groups can be found on forums and websites for specific places in China. 
Another resource, for reviews and questions about specific jobs, are forums and websites for individual cities. is a website that post jobs, housing, and entertainment in the city of Shenzhen in China. There are usually forums on these websites where you can gain more information about potential employers and make sure your time abroad is a good experience.

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